Who We Are

Who We Are


Discover the Beautiful Country through the unique creations of Hanita, a perfect synthesis of Italian style and quality.


Our Story

Hanita was established in 2008, but its roots go much deeper.

Hanita's story begins in 1993, with the founding of Push by Carlo Casillo and Antonio Auricchio. In a short time, Push became a reference point in the landscape of Italian clothing.

The operational headquarters of Push extends over approximately 5,000 square meters in the industrial area of Nola.

On April 11, 2008, Italian elegance and quality, paired with the finest national fabrics, gave life to the Hanita collection.

The Company

Our team is composed of professionals with extensive and continually growing experience in the sector.

Suppliers are indispensable partners in the creation of our garments.

Hanita is an entirely Italian product and proudly represents 'Made in Italy' around the world, distinguishing itself by its ability to offer products of the highest quality at competitive prices.


We Proudly Represent "Made in Italy"


Sustainable Development

We are a brand in continuous expansion but with a long-term vision. Sustainability is at the core of our interests and choices.

Quality Fabrics

We aim for the highest quality and are constantly in search of the best fabrics, to offer unique and unparalleled products.

Women's Everyday Life

Hanita is by the side of every woman, in ordinary as well as in extraordinary moments of her life.

Hanita Stands for Style!

Our designers constantly explore new trends in the fashion world, collaborating closely with the production team. Our mission is to continually discover new standards of excellence to elevate the quality level of our products ever higher.